Lorraine Louie came to New York after graduating from California College of Arts and Crafts and working briefly at Jonson Pedersen Hinrichs & Shakery (later to become Pentagram) in San Francisco. She quickly established herself as a designer of book covers which raised the esthetic from mere decoration to that of status symbol. In the late 1980's her much talked-about covers had a style that frequently eclipsed the literary content and conveyed a sense of hipness which caused people to carry or display them prominently. She created the format for the now classic Vintage Contemporary series and went on to design and commission illustration for hundreds of covers. Her work for Random House, Knopf, Atlantic Monthly and Ecco Press among others was chronicled in national consumer as well as trade publications. She will be remembered by all who knew her for her kindness, gentleness and dedication to excellence.

Lorraine was my partner for 17 years. I am grateful to her for all that I have accomplished. She gave me inspiration, courage and confidence in myself, two beautiful daughters in whom her grace and spirit live on and finally, the honor and privilege of caring for her in her time of need. I love you Lorraine.

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